Who We Are

The S-PA is an independent association of individuals and organisations with interest in land, property and development in Sheffield. Our members represent the significant land owning and development businesses in the city, along with a wide range of the professional organisations that help create and support our built environment.

Our Purpose

We are the collective voice of property in Sheffield. We exist to inform policy-makers, promote investment and drive economic prosperity across the city.

Our Vision

We are positive and clear in our vision to create a greater, better and more beautiful city of Sheffield.

Our Values

In all we do we shall be assertive, diplomatic and focussed.




The Association is led by a Governing Board. The Board provides the Association with strategic direction and leads on engagement with local and national government. The Board is chaired by the Association Chairman. The Association Chairman is appointed on an annual basis. The Board Chairman and Board Members are elected by the Annual General Meeting.

Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting are available to all Sheffield Property Association Members. One member, one vote.

In 2017 and 2018 the secretariat of the Sheffield Property Association will be provided on a pro bono basis by Counter Context Ltd.